Very important in facial rejuvenation is to restore volumes lost in time because facial tissues drooping in a vertical way. So a natural rejuvenation includes restoration of facial volumes. Years ago we used surgical procedures as cheek implants, to be performed under genSeral anesthesia or local with I.V. sedation. Now with new techniques and materials we do not need to do this anymore, except in selected cases. Prof. Tarallo has been one of the first to point out the concept that we need to consider cheek augmentation as part of restoration of volumes in the face. That’s the reason he performes the operation called “New Lift” ( see chapter ), that through a few centimeters incision along the hairline just with local anesthesia, allows us the repositioning of tissues, giving volume to the cheeks. This is the procedure for patients that want a result stable in time, but we can have great results in all the patients also with new injectables, last generations fillers. Crosslinked Hyaluronic acid, Fat grafting, all riassorbable or a long lasting riassorbable as Radiesse (Hydroxyapatite), used since many years in Plastic and Cranio Facial Surgery. With injectables return to work and social activities is immediate. Prof. Tarallo at the time of consultation will evaluete with patient the right procedure in order to get the most natural result.


Beautyness of the face depends on many factors; profile is definitely one of this, that’s why chin is very important in the propotions of the face. At the moment we have different options. A chin implant can be used: this an easy operation we perform through a small incision inside the mouth, a little “sizer”can be used to check the right size to be used and then a last generation silicone implant will be putted in site. A few riassorbable stitches will close the small incision that will not show, hidden inside the mouth. The operation will be done under local anesthesia with I.V. sedation or under general anesthesia in case other procedures will be performed on the face at the same time, as a Rhinoplasty. Patient will have a compressive dressing to hold the implant in the righ place for a few days and will be under antibiotics for about five days. We will check the general conditions of patient before the operation with blood tests and EKG. Most of the times patient do not even need a surgical procedure because we have new long lasting injectables as cross-linked Hyaluronic acid, Radiesse (Hydroxyapatite) that has been used for several years in Plastic and Cranio Facial Surgery. Both these injectables can be easily used in the office and patient can go back immediately to normal activities. Sometimes patients have a chin size that doesn’t matches his or her face because is too long; in this case through the same small incision inside the mouth we can trim the bony excess on the chin; patient will be back to regular life after just three days.At the time of consultation Prof. Tarallo will suggest to patient the righ option to get a natural result and profile.

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