Nose has an important part in the proportions of our face, that’s why Rhinoplasty procedure is to be considered successfull as long as improves the features of the face in a natural way. For this reason preliminary consultation is very important to carefully check the defect of the nose in order to plane a “custom made” procedure and get a result that nicely matches the right proportions of the face. Rhinoplasty operation has been around for centuries; it was already performed at the time of Greek empire as reconstruction after trauma or war injuries. In the centuries surgical techniques have been evolving a lot, having now the porpouse of remodelling nasal bones and cartilage. The defect to be corrected can be on the “tip” (cartilagineous portion) when has no enough projection or sometimes too much, or when is too wide and needs to be remodelled, etc. Sometimes is the “dorsum” that needs to be remodelled when a hump is evident on the profile (hump can be bony or cartelagineous or a combination of the two), or when the opposite defect is present as a saddled profile. Also the nasal shape can be deviated if a septal deviation is present. In this case patient will have breathing problems too, especially if associated with a turbinate hypertrophy. At the time of the consultation Prof. Tarallo will evaluete with patient the defect to be corrected, so to plan the right procedure keeping in mind the natural proportions of the face; for this reason the rhinoplasty is sometime associated with a chin implant or with other operations. This way the procedure will be “custom made” on the patient, avoiding the “standard look” that many patients have after a rhinoplasty. The operation is performed through small incisions inside the nose, so completely hidden. In selectd cases patient will need an “open” approach instead. If breathing problems are associated, septal deviation and thurbinates hypertrophy will be corrected at the same time. At the end of the procedure a packing will be placed into the nose and it will be taken out after one or more days depending if a septal deviation has been corrected at the same time. Packing is very light, made with a special material that doesn’t stick to the nasal walls, so that it will not be of any discomfort. A plastic “splint” will be kept on the nasal dorsum for seven- nine days during the healing process and then for seven more days during the nightime. The operation will be performed in a private hospital under general anesthesia or with local and I.V. sedation, patient will be discharged the same day or the day after. A moderate swelling can be present and will go down for the most part after couple of weeks; some bruising can also last for a few days. At the time of consultation blood tests and EKG will be prescribed both with a list of medications to be avoided two weeks before the operation and one week after, as aspirin. Medications as Arnica and Vitamin K will be raccomanded to be taken two or three days before and after surgery. Immediate complications as bleeding are really rare and do not cause any problem to the patient. Late complications as small irregularities on the dorsum, if occur can be fixed with local anesthesia once swelling has completely gone. After one or two weeks patients can go back to normal activities, after three weeks can go back to the gym. Rhinoplasty is a great procedure that many times can give back to patient self confidence and change his or her life, that’s why Prof. Tarallo pays much attention in customizing the operation on the patient.

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