Body contouring:

- Abdominoplasty

- Arm lift or Brachioplasty

- Thigh Lift


 - Addominoplasty -

Abdominoplasty is a procedure for body contouring that removes the extra skin and fat in the central and lower abdominal areas in order to get a nice silhuette, because in this areas sometimes a diet or exercise are not enough to get back to a good shape. Most of the times the extra tissue is due to a previous pregnancy or a weight loss, it can be associated with an epigastric hernia, skin marks in the periombelical area and in severe cases patients can have inflammations and skin infections. Abdominoplasty is not a procedure to loose weight, but is dramaticaly helpful in removing the extra skin and fat and fix the abdominal wall. The incision with the new thchniques is now very low, in a natural fold, in order not to be noticeable and hidden with underwear or bathing suit. Deep sutures on the lower part of the incision release the tension on the skin sutures, so the scar will not go up or spread out. The procedure includes different steps, as extra skin and fat removal , abdominal wall muscles sutures on the midline, ripositioning of the ombelicus and also can be associated with a liposculpture on the flanks for a better body contouring. At the time of the consultation the preoperative plan will be discussed with patient, pre op blood tests and EKG will be prescribed bboth with a list of medications to be avoided two weeks before and after the operation. The procedure will be performed under general anesthesia in a private hospital and patient will stay overnight. In some selected cases a body lift will be associated especially aftter huge weight loss; these patients will stay in the hospital for at least two or three days. Patients will wear a garment for about three to four weeks, social activites and exercise will be limited for a few weeks. We also strongly suggest to stop smoknig at least three or four weeks before and after the operation, like for all Plastic Surgery procedures. Possible complications are the onces related to any surgical procedure, as bleeding, infections and sometimes skin necrosis in small areas especially in heavy smokers, even if with the right treatment these complications do not spoil the final result.


 - Arm lift or Brachioplasty -

Arm lift or Brachioplasty is a procedure that takes care of the relaxed tissues of the upper arms, that occurs normally with age or after a weight loss; sometimes there is also an excess of fat associated with the relaxed tissues. In case there is just an excess of fat it can be perfectly solved with a liposculpture (go to the specific chapter for more informations). In case extra tissue is associated, our goal will be removal of the extra tissue with a scar well hidden and as short as possibile. Tha scar, dipending on the amount of tissue to be removed, will have a longitudinal shape (very well hidden with arms along the body), or will be just limited to the axillary area, so absolutely not noticeable. Prof. Tarallo, at the time of the consultation will decide, according with patient the preoperative plan; a blood test and EKG will be prescribed, both with a list of medications to be avoided the two weeks before and after the procedure. The operation will be performed in a private hospital under local anesthesia with sedation; a liposculpture sometimes can be associated with tissue removal; patient will be discharged in the night or the day after, dipending on the case. A compressive dressing will be hold on the area for a few days; patient can go back to normal life right away; exercise will be allowed after couple of weeks.


 - Thigh Lift -

Lower limb remodelling had an incredibile evolution in the last thirty years with Liposuction first and then Liposculpture (see chapter), taking out the deposit of fat and so giving a new shape to the treated areas. Sometime Liposculpture is not enough, especially when relaxation of tissues and skin excess are associated at the same time. This happens because of age or after a massive weight loss, leaving the upper portion of legs loose and sagging. A thigh lift will reduce the skin excess and the legs will return to a smooth and youthful contour creating an aesthetic balance throughtout the lower body and trunk. The operation starts checking the amount of extra skin of the patient with a personal technique and then removing it from below the incision to allow suspension of the remaining tissues to stretch and smooth the thighs. The incisions are in the groin area and are designed to be hidden by clothing and sportswear because are in anatomic folds. Blood tests and EKG will be prescribed before the operation both with a list of medications to avoid two weeks before and one after the operation, as aspirin or aspirin-like products. Procedure will be performed in a private Hospital under general anesthesia or local with I.V. sedation and the patient will go home usually the day after wearing a compressive garment for about two weeks. Return to normal activities will take about a week.


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