Otoplasty is the procedure to correct prominent ears. The deformity of the ear can be located on the “Anthelix” that doesn’t have the right angle or on the concha for an increased height of thr posterior conchal wall or, sometimes for a combination of this two. The deformity also can affect one side or both ears. The primary reason for operating on prominent ears is to eliminate the psichological effect that the ear deformity produces. The operation has the goal to correct the cause of the ear’s prominence, as the anthielical fold not sufficiently pronounced or reducing the excess of concha in order to get a nice and natural shape. Can be done under local anestesia as outpatient or with local and an IV sedation as a Day Surgery. Patient will have blood tests and EKG before the operation and aspirin and aspirin like medications will be avoided two weeks before and after the operation. At the end of the operation dressing will be an elastic bendage held for a few days in order to keep the cartilage in the right position. Social activities will be limited for a few days. Preliminary consultation is very important to check the defect to be corrected so to plan the procedure in order to get a very natural result.


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