Aging causes a change of the face because the facial tissues droop in a vertical way because of gravity, and there is a change of the quality of skin.For this reason the face changes from a triangular or ovalar shape to a quadrangular shape for drooping and relaxation of tissues. So patients that used to have nice cheeks and good definition of mandibular edge will look with heaviness of mandibular profile, tear trogh (fold around periorbital area) due to fatty bags on lower eyelids both with drooping of tissues in the area, with a tired look. Facial rejuvenation has the purpose to restore volumes and the natural shape of the face with the new concepì of Vertical Lift (see chapter), very different from the traditional facelift that used to pull tissues and skin in an unnatural and lateral diraction. The last evolution of the Vertical Lift is the “New Lift”, having the same concept of restoring volumes with minimal incisions, not visibile in time. The incision is located along the hairline, so that the hair will cover and hide the scar,. about one inch long. Through this incision the tissues of the periorbital area and the ckeeks will be lifted up in a vertical direction and anchored with one stitch to the deep temporal fascia, so to hold the suspension in time. Another small incision one inch long is made behind the ear lobe with reposition of tissues along the mandibular edge, giving a good definition. also to the neck; tissues will be anchored in this case to the masthoid fascia behind the ear. Because of the limited incision and dissection the procedure can be performed with local anestesia as outpatient. Recovering is very fast and the complication rate is minimal, as well as swelling and bruising. Patients can go back to normal activities in couple of days. At the time of consultation blood tests and EKG will be prescribed both with a list of medications to be avoid two weeks before and one after the operation, as aspirin etc.This new procedure is really something revolutionary in facial rejuvenation because is easy, very effective, great downtime and long lasting. Prof. Tarallo at the time of the consultation will evaluete if patient is a good candidate to this operation or if needs to combine it with a Blepharoplasty or Endoscopic brow Lift or fat grafting, so to custom the procedure to any patient.

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