Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure for reducing and repositioning a large breast , improving in this way symptoms as discomfort in the breast area, back pain and often also psicological problems, especially in young patients, improving the decolletee with smaller scars techniques. The volume of the breast and the degree of ptosis are carefully checked at the time of the consultation both with palpation of the entire mammary gland to detect any mass (a mammography or ultrasound are usually suggested depending on the age of the patient). Also the volume of the reduction and the lenght of the scars will be decided according with the patient. Prof. Tarallo has been performing in the last few years a personal technique with limited scars. Blood tests and EKG are always performed to check the conditions of the patients that also receives a list of medications to avoid in the two weeks before and after the operation. The procedure will be performed in a private hospital under general anestesia and patient will be discharged usually the day after with an anthibiotic therapy and pain killers for a few days and a sportive bra for a few weeks. Shower will be allowed after three or four days. Social activities will be limited for about two weeks. Possible complications as bleeding, infections, numbness in some areas (usually temporary) are rare and with the appropiate treatment do not spoil the final result. Small asimmetries will be possibile especially in patients with breasts very different in shape and volume. All the tests usually performed to check the breast tissue, as ultrasound and mammograms will be possible after the operations. Breast feedings is possible dipending on the volume of the reduction.

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