Mastopexy or Breast Lift

Mastopexy or Breast Lift is an operation for repositioning of a breast that for several reasons (age, weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding etc.) lost his volumes and/or has a degree of ptosis (sagging). Ptosis will be carefuly evaluated during the consultation both with the size of the breast because the procedure can be limited to the excision of the extra skin and/or be associated to the use of a last generation implant lifetime warrantee (see Breast Augmentation), depending on the case. At the time of the consultation also prof. Tarallo will suggest a short scar technique or, in case an implant will be used, a scar limited just around the areola (round block technique). Blood tests and EKG will be prescribed to check the general conditions of patients, both with a list of medications to be avoided two weeks before and after the operation. The procedure will be performed in a private clinic under general anesthesia and patient will be discharged the day after with an antibiotic therapy. A sportive bra will be used for the next few weeks; social life wil be limited for a week, shower will be allowed after two or three days. Complications as bleeding, infections, loss of sensibility of nipple-areola complex are unusual and with appropiate therapy do not spoil the final result. Small postoperative asimmetries are possible in case of breasts very different each other in volume and shape. Ultrasounds and mammograms will have no limitations after the procedure, breast feeding most of the times will be possible.

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