Liposculpture is an evolution of traditional liposuction; is an operation to remove the deposit of fat in different areas of the body, with incisions long just a few millimiters, hidden in natural folds. With Liposculpture the skin will perfectely redrape on the treated area, so to have a nice shape and a natural look. The areas to be treated are at this time much more than years ago. Prof. Tarallo has been used in the last few years new techniques as PAL (Powered assisted lipoplasty). Very small cannulas are used with this technique; they work suctioning the fat very gently through a continous vibration. Because of this trauma for patient is minimal and also post operative pain and swelling with a fast recovering time. So, besides areas that are usually treated, as outer and inner thighs, knees, neck, abdomen and flanks, with new techniques even others traditionally very difficult to be treated as buttocks, G zone (area below buttocks), ankles, arms and trunk will have a good improvement. Patients will avoid aspirin and aspirin-like medications two weeks before and one after the operation for postoperative bruising. Blood tests and EKG will be prescribed to check the general conditions of the patient. Surgery will be performed in a private Hospital under local anesthesia with I.V. sedation or general anesthesia depending on the number of areas to be treated. Patient will be discharged a few hours later or the day after with a compressive garment that will wear for three or four weeks and during this time exercise will be limited, whereas work and social activities just for a few days. Massages on the treated areas are suggested after couple of weeks. Complications as small irregularities (especially after large liposclpture) can be fixed with little touch up or fat grafting under local anesthesia after a few months from the operation. The result with this operation can be considered permanent. Liposculpture with PAL matches progress in technology with the skills of the Plastic Surgeon to get the best result.

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