Vertical Lift

Vertical Lift is an evolution of traditional face lift. The face changes with age because of relaxation or ptosis of tissues both with a change of quality of the skin. For this reason the look changes as well, because gravity causes the facial tissues drooping in a vertical way, so from a triangular or ovalar shape of the face with nice ckeeks and good definition of mandibular edge, in time there is a change to a quadrangular shape with heaviness of mandibular profile, drooping of lateral brow, skin excess on upper eyelids, fatty bags on lower eyelids, tear trogh (deep fold in the periorbital area giving a tired look to the face). Basically the aging process causes a loss of volumes in the face, that’s why a natural facial rejuvenation is to restore volumes (facial tissues) in a vertical vector. Traditional facelift techniques used to correct the problem pulling in an unnatural lateral direction, so giving a weard look. The solution is not to pull, but to restore volumes back up. The concept of Vertical Lift has been around for a few years and Prof. Tarallo perfectly agrees with it; the procedure is performed in a private hospital under local anesthesia with I.V. sedation and patient can be discharged after a few hours or the day after, depending on the case. At the time of consultation blood tests and EKG will be prescribed to check the general conditions both with a list of medications to avoid during two weeks before and one after surgery, as aspirin and medications aspirin like. Surgery is performed through two small incisions in the hairline and two others inside the mouth, so not to be visible.A careful dissection of tissues is performed through the incision with repositioning of tissues with a vertical vector; tissues are anchored with one stitch to the deep temporal fascia in order to hold the suspension in time. Risks of possible complications as haematoma or nerve injury are minimal, as well as postoperative pain, swelling and bruising. After one week patient can go back to work and social life. Vertical lift is a good procedure also for patients that already had a traditional facelift, scars are defenitely more limited compared with old techniques. It can be associated with other procedures for facial rejuvenation, as Endoscopic browlift, Blepharoplasty or Neck lift with platisma muscle repositioning if neck is a main concern for patient, or fat grafting. Patients with more extra skin can be also candidates, hiding scars in natural folds with no tension, which is the secret for a good scar that will be inconspicuous in time. So this is a procedure with a global approach to facial rejuvenation for different ages. Prof. Tarallo has been one of the first surgeons to perform this operation and at the time of the consultation will suggest to patient the right procedure to be performed, so to “custom made” the operation and avoiding this way the “standard look” of facelift patients.

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