Endoscopic surgery

Endoscopic surgery became very popular in the early ninenties in Plastic Surgery using techniques already performed in many other surgical fields. Through the use of an optic fiber, a monitor and special instruments the Plastic surgeon can perform a minimally invasive surgery. With four of five small incisions behind the hairline we can elevate the forehead and the lateral part of the brow, giving a nice and relaxing look to the upper and middle part of the face. The anatomical structures we work on will be anchored to the periosteum and placed back in the position where they used to be years ago, with a result that will last in time. Also with this approach we can weak the corrugator muscle in between the eyebrows improving the frown lines. The incisions will be perfectly hidden in the hair. The procedure can be combined with other facial rejuvenations operations as Blepharoplasty, Vertical Lift or New Lift (see chapters). At the time of the consultation Prof. Tarallo will decide what procedure will be the best for the patient, so for him or her to have a custom made procedure. Even recovering is very fast because complications as bleeding, nerve damage, pain and swelling are minimal because of the short incisions. Patients quickly can go back to work and social life. The operation can be done under local anesthesia with iv. sedation and patient will stay in the hospital for a few hours. Blood tests and EKG will be prescribed before surgery to check the general conditions both with a list of medications (aspirin etc.) to be avoided two weeks before and one after the operation. Prof. Tarallo has been one of the first surgeons to perform this minimally invasive surgery in Italy after his Fellowship at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and has been invited to several meetings as speaker and instructor. Endoscopic surgery itself or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures makes a real difference comparing with traditional surgeries.

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