In the last few years researches have been very active in noninvasive or minimally invasive Laser rejuvenation for face and body. Laser technologies we used years ago, as Erbium and CO2 were more invasive, had long recovering time and side effects. New fractional Laser (Fraxel) is a non invasive way to target epidermis superficially, stimulating and remodelling deep collagen during the healing process, without being aggressive the way CO2 Lasers used to be, with no downtime and patients going back immediately to normal activities. Fraxel does multiple microdamages in deep dermis and healing process will generate new collagen. After treatment patients will have just some redness and moderate swelling for two or three days. Appropiate skin cleaning and moisturizating creams are suggested after treatment; sun block is strongly raccomanded. Patient can use make up starting on the day after treatment and usually three or four treatments every three or four weeks will be enough to get a good result. The treatment can be associated with Radiofrequency to improve skin laxity on face and neck using Electromagnetic waves; they denaturate collagen that promptly grows up again with a tissue rejuvenation. Treatment is very easy and effective because of deep penetration of electromagnetic waves.

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