Spider veins (Telangiectasias) are small purple to red blood vessels often visible on the leg, ankle or foot. Occasionally spider veins will appear on the face. These should not be confused with varicose veins which are larger and deeper, causing very often leg discomfort, whereas spider veins are usually pain free. New Lasers are used at this time for vascular problems: a pulsed light (IPL) is used for small spider veins on the face or small angiomas whereas Laser Nd. Jag (1064 nanometers) for spider veins in lower limbs. This is a very selective laser, because light uses haemoglobin as selective target, with coagulation of the vessel. Skin doesn’t absorbe the light and so is not damaged with treatment. It usually takes two or three applications to get the best result. Some redness and swelling in the area are frequent for just a few days. Dark skin can have sometimes undesidered dark skin tones, so this treatment is not raccomended for dark skin patients.


Lasers are now the best option for tattoo and spot removal, because Q-switched Laser is very selective for the dark color as target, so there is no risk to damage the skin. This is the reason because with few applications tattoo becomes clearer and clearer until is removed. After treatment there is just a little redness with a very thin crust that disappeares in a few days.

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