Lips are a very important part of our face because we use them all the time for smiling, talking and they can be also the expression of our mood. That’s why techniques and materials we use in Plastic Surgery for lips have been evolving in the last ten years. Most of the times patient’s request are for an augmentation of the lips, improving the border of upper and lower lip in case there is not a good definition or volume and thickness in case lips are too thin. Definition and volume go down with age, both with wrinkles on upper lip coming up. Many materials have been used in the years, riassorbable, semi permanent or permanent (these two not very reliable and with possibilities of side effects), even if at the moment last generation injectables as cross-linked Hyaluronic acid are considered the best, long lasting and absolutely safe because hyaluronic acid is normally present in our tissues, so they do not need any previous test, are very reliable, soft enough to give a natural result.Other injectables as Collagen are still used even if it needs a pre treatment test, Radiesse (Hydroxiapatite) that is a good option too for the border of the lips and also long lasting. Fat grafting instead is another option for volume augmentation of the lips, but the patient in this case will have some swelling for a few days. All these techniques are very easy, we use just topical anesthesia (Emla cream) or nerve block and patient can go back to work and social activities right away. There are also surgical tecniques to be used in case patients want a permanent result, as V-Y plasty that can be performed with nerve block. Preliminary consultation is very important to check not only lips but also the perioral area in case patient needs other procedures associated in order to improve all the area getting the most natural result. Prof. Tarallo will suggest patient the best “custom made” treatment.

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