Dr. Mauro Tarallo

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 09/03/57
Place of Birth: Naples, Italy
Nationality: Italian

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Facial Rejuvenation:

Surgery for facial rejuvenation changed a lot in the last fifteen years, ranging from techniques with long scars and wide dissections with a long recovering time to minimally invasive techniques with small scars and fast downtime.
The concept is not anymore to pull the skin back to get a younger look, but repositioning tissues up in a vertical direction, because the main change in an aging face, besides the quality of the skin, is the loss of volumes. Tissues naturally droope with gravity in time, so the goal for a natural rejuvenation is to restore volumes where they used to be. This way patients will look younger without looking weard. With old Facelift techniques most of the patients had a feak look and everyone could tell that patient had a Facelift. Endoscopic surgery started to change the concept of upper and midface rejuvenation becoming very popular in the early ninentees; through small incisions behind the hairline we can elevate brows and forehead and also weak selected muscles in the area improving wrinkles. The rejuvenation has a vertical direction making everything very natural. Perfect indication for endoscopic surgery are patients in the mid thirdies and forties having ptosis of tissues with moderate extra skin. Patients with more extra skin in midface and neck can have other procedures in association with endoscopic surgery, as “Vertical Lift” or the real innovation as the “New Lift” (see both chapters).“Vertical Lift” or the real innovation as the “New Lift” (see both chapters). View more.... 



NEWLIFT: Aging causes a change of the face because the facial tissues droop in a vertical way because of gravity, and there is a change of the quality of skin.   View more...






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