Gynecomastia is an enlargement of the male breast. It can start with puberty or also may be seen in young adults, in this particular case mainly due to hormonal reasons. We can clinically describe a “True gynecomastia” when there is a real enlargement of breast tissue as result of the action of circulating hormones on specific receptors in target cells located in breast tissue.This is the reason of possible appearance of unilateral gynecomastia. A clinical Gynecomastia-like is the result of fat deposit in the breast area. Often Gynecomastia-like and True gynecomastia may occur at the same time. Embarassment due to the female contour of the chest is the main concern and the reason for patients to see a Plastic surgeon. At the time of consultation Prof. Tarallo will find out the grading and etiology of Gynecomastia and Ultrasound of the breast area will be prescribed both with blood tests and EKG to check general conditions of patient, with a list of medications to be avoided two weeks before and one week after the operation. The procedure will be performed in a private hospital under local anestesia with an I.V. sedation; usually patient can go home after a few hours. The goal of treatment is to restore normal male contour and appearance. Dipending on the case a Liposculpture (see chapter) of the breast area will be performed in association with some breast tissue removal through a small incision around the lower part of the areola. The incision will be inconspicuous in time. A compressive dressing will be held in place for a few days and patient can go back to work and social life after five or six days. Post operative complications as bleding or infections rarely occur and do not spoil the final result that is very satisfectory, giving back a normal appearance to the breast area.

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